15 December 2009

Edgewater/Rogers Park Bakeries

Ayutla Bakery
6963 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60626

(773) 764 - 9077

Grab a tray and a pair of tongs, then, help yourself to sweet treasures at this Mexican bakery in Rogers Park. Whether you have a taste for donuts or sweet rolls, this place will satisfy your sweet tooth!
La Baguette Bakery
5712 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60660

(773) 878 - 8553

La Baguette has been a fixture in the Andersonville area for several years and, for good reason. Their sugary creations are of excellent quality, whatever your weakness. Their decorative cakes, both carryout and special - ordered, are a feast for the eyes as well as the palette.
Swedish Bakery
5348 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60640

(773) 561 - 8919

Even though Andersonville no longer is predominantly Scandinavian, Swedish Bakery continues to thrive and draw a crowd...literally! Early in the morning, you are likely to be greeted by a long line of customers ordering marzipan desserts, cinnamon raisin bread and other irresistible temptations produced in their ovens.


13 December 2009

Rogers Park Bakery

I have been buying various pastries at Ayutla Bakery for a couple of years now. What comes out of their ovens is consistently good. Whether you have a taste for a twisted donut or a sweet roll, this place offers it, and at reasonable prices. Their strawberry muffins are to die for! They also have tasty sandwich rolls.

Like many Hispanic bakeries, you grab a tray and a pair of tongs, select what looks good (but then what doesn't look good here?), bring it to the register, pay for your choices and go home with your delectable treasure.

Ayutla Bakery is located at 6963 N. Clark in the Rogers Park neighborhood, a half block North of Morse. Their phone number is 773.764.9077


08 December 2009

Edgewater/Rogers Park Burglary Alert

There have been a rash of residential break - ins lately, in the areas of Edgewater and Rogers Park. Apparently, the person(s) involved have been burglarizing people's apartments and are very much aware of their victims' morning routine. Several occupants have returned home from work to find that their residences have been burglarized. Almost all of the burglaries occurred in the daytime.


07 December 2009

New Middle Eastern Eatery

It has only three tables and the decor is simple. I ordered two falafel sandwiches at the new "Falafil Shack" at 6130 N. Ravenswood. They were $2.99 each (not a bad price). You can order the sandwich with hummus or salad; I asked for salad and tahini on the falafels. The tahini had the right amount of heat, not overpowering.

Their menu offers only one kind of soup: Lentil. You can order a deluxe falafel that comes with fried eggplant, fried potatoes and fried zucchini. Other fare include baba ghannouj ($3.99), Jerusalem salad ($2.99), chicken kabob ($7.99), and 3 grilled chicken legs ($4.99). Your only choice of dessert is baklava.

The gentleman who waited on me seemed nice. Check them out! This location, for years, was a Chinese takeout that I would order from at least once a week. The owner decided to retire and end the business. Then, it was an Indian/Pakistani eatery that closed after only two months in business. Hopefully Falafil Shack will stick around much longer than that.


01 December 2009

New Middle Eastern Eatery

Welcome "Falafil Shack" to the neighborhood. They are located at 6130 N. Ravenswood, in the West Ridge area.


21 November 2009

An Aldi Thanksgiving

There was a time when one did not admit that they shopped at Aldi, the no - frills discount grocery chain. There was a stigma attached to being an Aldi customer. Mostly, that you must be low - income and did not have the funds to shop at a pricier major chain. But during a trip there yesterday, I found myself with a lot more company than I used to, and passed by grocery carts piled with basic Thanksgiving fare: Turkeys, stuffing, pumpkin pies and cranberries. More people, it seems, are discovering that it makes economic sense to explore other avenues to putting food on the table, be it for yourself or a spouse and kids.

Occasionally, I will walk to the Dominick's in the West Ridge neighbourhood for a few specialty items. For the most part, however, I frequent Aldi for ground beef for chili or spaghetti; boxed stuffing; a bag of russet potatoes; a gallon of milk. For years, I have shopped at their Californian/Granville location and have enjoyed passing a quarter to an exiting fellow - customer returning their shopping cart. (Though quarters are not required to use carts at the Broadway/Granville store.)

The stigma of shopping at Aldi might still exist but, these days, most Aldi shoppers seem content with letting it roll off their backs. I have been doing it for years!

To my fellow - Aldi customers (current and future), Happy Aldi Thanksgiving!


14 November 2009


DO NOT SHOP AT 'LA FRESCASITA' , a produce/meat market at 7007 N. Clark St. in the Rogers Park neighborhood! The guy who rang up my purchases would only allow me to purchase 9 Bartlett pears, instead of the 10 that I needed. So, he tore open the produce bag, reached in and, with his filthy hands, removed the offending extra fruit. To say that I was grossed out would be an understatement. Yuck! If you ever pass by this store, KEEP WALKING!


27 October 2009

H1NI Vaccine at Truman College

DO NOT GO TO TRUMAN COLLEGE expecting you're going to receive the vaccine against Swine Flu, because, you will likely be turned away! They are very disorganized there. Inquire about the vaccine at your doctor's office instead.


13 October 2009

Things Are Jammin' at ALDI

Judging from the crowded aisles, I think it is safe to say that ALDI has been a welcome addition to the Edgewater community. I have shopped there several times now, and I am happy to report that the store has been busy. This location now has an added convenience: Shopping baskets! I have always thought that it's absurd to wheel around a huge shopping cart for small purchases. A basket is less bulky and ideal when you are picking up just a few items. The cashiers balance quickness and courtesy with considerable skill, which is more than I can say for the majority of employees I've observed at the big - chain supermarkets.


09 October 2009

WiFi @ West Ridge Dominick's

The rebuilt West Ridge Dominick's, at 6623 N. Damen, now offers WiFi for those who like to chow down while using their laptops.


02 October 2009

At 2:15 a.m. on Friday, at N. Clark and W. Pratt, a 29 - year - old man was beaten by three men while he was in his car. The assault took place in a McDonald's parking lot. Motive, unknown. No one is custody at this time.


25 September 2009

Pigeon Clean - Up

This morning, underneath the Metra tracks at Granville and Ravenswood, I noticed that the sidewalk had been powerwashed and cleared of pigeon droppings, candy wrappers and other litter. It would remain in that state if people would refrain from feeding the pesky fowls and 40th Ward Alderman, Patrick O'Connor, installed pigeon spikes like Joe Moore did in his ward, at W. Pratt, behind S & C Electric (there's narry a feather under the Metro tracks now). Moore seems to communicate more frequently with his constituents and respond to their concerns more effectively. I get more information from his office than from O'Connors', via email updates.

I guess for O'Connor, pigeon spikes is too much to ask for; we in the 40th Ward only hear from him when he's up for re-election. If only someone would oppose this useless wanker.


15 September 2009

Impressed With Edgewater Aldi

Worth the Wait
Yesterday, after several weeks of waiting for the novelty to wear off and crowds to subside, I decided to check out the new ALDI at 6221 N. Broadway, in the Edgewater neighborhood. I am impressed so far by the store's bright colours and layout. Though I have shopped at their 6220 N. California location for several years, I find it somewhat depressing and bland. Also, this new ALDI offers the use of a shopping cart without the hassle of searching for a quarter.

Aldi Virgins!
I had to chuckle as a couple in front of me in the checkout lane (who apparently,were not familiar with the store's no - frills system) argued with the cashier about why she would not bag their purchases for them and protested when they had to pay for a grocery bag (which they promptly returned to the grocery bag bin).

My Purchases
I bought olive oil, frozen fried chicken, a package of green, red and orange bell peppers, two containers of a Crystal Lite - like knock off, and two boxes of raisins, and happily walked out with a receipt that was smaller than what I would expect at a traditional supermarket, including the bigger grocery chains. The employees were courteous; even towards the confused ALDI newbies I've just described. All in all, I was happy to shop in a brand new, clean and brightly - lit ALDI. If it remains in that state, I shall be buying my groceries there on a frequent basis.


25 August 2009

ALDI in Edgewater Opens For Business

In contrast to the fanfare that greeted shoppers when the West Ridge Dominick's re-opened on 13th August, the brand new ALDI in Edgewater will celebrate its grand opening on a quieter note, on Thursday, 27th August 2009, from 9:00 A.M. til 8:00 P.M.


14 August 2009

West Ridge Dominick's Grand Re-Opening

Yesterday, I attended the grand re-opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony of the resurrected West Ridge Dominick's at 6623 N. Damen on Chicago's Far North Side. Present were Dominick's President, Don Keprta, 50th Ward Alderman, Bernard Stone, and Illinois Senator, Ira Silverstein. The store manager, John Katsantones, formerly the manager of the chain's 6009 N. Broadway store in Edgewater, is now at the helm of this beautifully rebuilt store. The presentation got underway at around 4:10 P.M. and included the presentation of a $10,000 check to a Misericordia representative, a brief speech from Alderman Stone and lastly, a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Stone spoke both as Alderman and a spokesperson for the absent Mayor Daley.

As for the store itself: There is ample seating for those who wish to eat in - store or enjoy their Starbuck's coffee. Instead of Chase Bank (a common presence inside most Dominick's), it is US Bank that provides financial services. The restrooms have been moved from the back of the store (next to the pharmacy department) to the front near the seating area. People with laptops were greeted by disappointment that the store's WiFi was not working, and store personnel gave no timetable when it will be up and running.

I ate my way through the store like Pacman, as there were plenty of stations offering free samples. In the meat department, there was a meat - trimming demonstration and, in the pharmacy, health screenings.

Don Keprta, Dominick's President, described the West Ridge store's format as "Lifestyles,' which is more upscale than the other nearby Dominick's I have shopped in. It has a HUGE wine selection and (my favourite) two brands of Japanese rice (the best for sushi-making)! Outside the store are a few chairs and tables. By the way, while I was there talking to a friend I ran into, I observed some gang banger with a bicycle shoving a grocery cart, sending it rolling out of the parking lot and close to the street. An accident was narrowly averted when a store employee retrieved the cart.(I would hope the store's security personnel will pause from watching the aisles for shoplifters and scan the parking area from time to time, for the purpose of preventing such mischief.)

A strange sight was a grand player piano to entertain the customers (apparently, they didn't want to spend money on a live pianist).

There were high hopes, on the part of the store managers and employees, that the sound of beeping scanners will be repeated in the months and years to come. I also hope that the West Ridge Dominick's does well. For one thing, I won't have to walk to the Edgewater location from my Rogers Park home (okay, it's a selfish reason) Navigating the aisles yesterday was quite a challenge because of the high turnout. But after the ribbon has been cut, will this Dominick's manage to maintain yesterday's flow of customers? Time will tell. The neighbourhood will vote with their feet and their wallets.


12 August 2009

West Ridge Dominick's Re - Opens 13 Aug. 2009

The much - anticipated re-opening of the Dominick's at 6623 N. Damen (near Ridge) will occur on Thursday, 13th August 2009 @ 4:00 P.M. The grocery chain's West Ridge location was abuzz with activity on Tuesday; I watched as workmen and landscapers prepared the property for the grand re - opening, and pallets of groceries were being unloaded from delivery trucks.


05 August 2009

Rogers Park Postal Sites Slated to Close

To cut costs, the U.S. Postal Service is closing some of its sites, including over 20 in Chicago. Email has replaced letters sent by snail mail. In Rogers Park two sites are slated to close, and they are:

5424 W. Devon Ave.

7617 N. Pauline St.


25 July 2009

Tenant Vigilance in West Rogers Park

All of the tenants in my building came home to find a letter from our property mananger at Hallmark and Johnson, alerting us that there have been incidents of vandalism lately on our co - op buildings. Apparently, tenants have been calling Branko (our building manager) instead of law enforcement whenever they witness criminal property damage. A city park across the street attracts not only kids who just want to have fun in the playground but, also, gangbangers with the intent to cause trouble.


20 July 2009

Market I Frequent a Target of Attempted Robbery

Devon Market, 1440 W. Devon, a supermarket where I purchase a large portion of my groceries, was a target of a robbery attempt this past weekend. The incident occurred at 11:00 p.m. Sunday. A store clerk sustained injuries after he was beaten with a tire iron by two offenders.

As I stated earlier, I am a regular customer of this always - busy grocer which I consider an oasis for cost - concious consumers who shun the over - priced items at large grocery chains. I am confident that the owner(s) will not leave the neighborhood because of this incident; but it is unsavory characters like these who make the area an unfavorable location for new businesses. A poor economy is not a valid excuse for criminal behavior.


01 July 2009

Get Your Quarters Ready!

Get Your Quarters Ready!

At 6221 N. Broadway , the location of ALDI's new Edgewater store, I saw workmen installing the sign bearing the familiar ALDI logo. The interior - with the grocery chain's signature minimalist style - also is beginning to take shape.


17 June 2009

CAPS Meeting - Beat 2413

CAPS Meeting - Beat 2413 - 16 June. 2009, 7:00 p.m.

Last night, despite a steady rain, I walked across the street from my house to attend a CAPS meeting for Beat 2413, which covers neighborhoods bound by Devon, Peterson , Kedzie, and Ridge. Chairs designed for adult - sized posteriors were in short supply; so some attendees had to settle for kindergarten - sized chairs. (Darn! What a night to forget my camera phone!)

In the 24th District, there were 14, 197 calls for service and 478 arrests in May. In Beat 2413, there were 1,985 calls and 59 arrests.

On 15 May, 2009, , Micke and Janko Petrov, a pair of alleged burglars, were arrested . Micke is still in jail; Janko is back on the street.

The police officers stressed that a large number of area burglaries were unlawful entries, meaning, the residents made it easy for thieves to enter their homes (i.e. unlocked doors). The police are focusing on areas bound by Arthur, Granville, Rockwell and Bell for burglary prevention.

Also in May, on Devon, a woman withdrawing money from an enclosed ATM was robbed by a man holding a corkscrew to her neck and demanding the cash.

One trouble spot highlighted during the meeting: The apartment buildings in the 2100 block of W. Norwood (at Seeley), located behind 'Target'. It was reported that suspicious activity occurs in this area, regularly. The officers appealed to us to get involved! To show up in large numbers when the police department has neighborhood row calls and report illegal activities.

4th August is "National Night Out."

We were also told that an increase in crime in our area (or any area, for that matter) is anticipated; and it is the result of the economy and not solely because of the arrival of the warm summer months.

The next 2413 CAPS meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 21 July, 2009, 7:00 p.m. @ Green Briar Park, 2651 W. Peterson.


01 June 2009

West Ridge Dominick's Update

Like the phoenix, slowly but surely, the West Ridge Dominick's (6623 N. Damen) is rising from its proverbial ashes. A sign posted on one of their windows informs the public that the grocer applied for a liquor license on 22 May, 2009. Inside the store itself, display freezers are waiting to be installed and, on the exterior, are steel frames for pillars and, presumably, a revamped Damen entrance and sign.


22 May 2009

CVS Pharmacy

The drug chain, CVS, was in the news yesterday. Apparently, they are being accused of selling expired products.

I have a friend who was as sick as a dog after eating eggs that she bought at the CVS at Broadway and Foster. I myself have had a couple of bad experiences at their Broadway and Granville location. As a result, I have resumed doing business with Walgreens which is located just down the street from CVS. So far, I have had no problems with Walgreens. But, I avoid CVS.

I have been to two CVS drugstores: Broadway and Wellington; and the one on Granville. Personally, I found the stores depressing and the employees unfriendly. And there is NOTHING on the shelves that I would really want to buy. Even their Sunday paper inserts aren't enough to lure me into their stores. Walgreens is more welcoming and offers a wider variety of products.

CVS is making the same mistake made by Starbucks: Saturating the market with too many locations. Customer service is virtually non - existent at CVS. At both of the locations I visited, the workers were very rude! I got the impression that they would rather be somewhere else.


Summer is Calling

Memorial Day heralds the 'unofficial' start of summer. Ah! The smell of barbecue picnics. The last waning days of school. The appearance of the first West Nile Virus case. Yellow jackets spoiling outdoor weddings...

Though I am more of a jacket - weather fan, I do appreciate the many activities Chicago (and surrounding suburbs) has to offer. What I don't appreciate are days when both the temperature and humidity are in the 90's. In the wintertime, you can always put on more clothes; but no matter how hot you are you CAN'T take it all off! The police would not be amused. Usuallly, I spend the majority of my summer hibernating in my air conditioned den. This year will be no different. I'm even taking time off from my busy schedule at Immanuel Lutheran Church where I attend Sunday worship. (Hey! If God needed seven days to chill out after creating the universe, I can take a holiday, too!) Besides, the church isn't air - conditioned and my apartment is.

Every now and then, I will emerge from the comfort of my home just long enough to attend 'Taste of Chicago' and visit a couple of museums. But, for the most part, I will remain in hibernation.

I both love and loathe summer. I look forward to all of the fun I'm going to have at the museums and at home. A visit to The Field Museum and, then, a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' marathon in my living room. Sounds like a summer plan to me!


16 May 2009

Tommie O'Leary: A Local Legend

He first began attracting attention while tending bar at the famed restaurant, called 'Binyons'. He was a Japanese - American who was born in Seattle. He and my Mom met in an internment camp during World War II. When I came along in 1958, we lived in an apartment building located where Truman College now stands; we moved into a two - flat on Rascher, in the Andersonville neighborhood. We resided there for over 30 years. After calling it a day at Binyon's, my father opened a private dinner club, called 'Tommie O'Leary's Original Key Club'. The restaurant attracted a number of celebrities, both local and nationally known figures. It wasn't rare to see the likes of Fahey Flynn and Irv Kupcinet. My father also knew Harry Caray (who attended my brother's wedding), Steve Lawrence & Eddie Gorme, Chuck Connors and, even, Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra (in fact, my Dad attended Sinatra's last wedding).

My father's generous nature extended beyond family members, and he was particularly fond of kids. Sometimes to a fault. He would take me to a toy store and all I had to do was point to the toys I wanted, and they were MINE. Also, my Dad would get me tickets to see The Beatles (at the old Comiskey Park and the Amphitheater), Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Chicago, and, the King, Elvis Presley! I remember one night going to the old Oriental Theatre with my Dad to see Little Richard. What a blast that was!

But there was also a dark side to his personality: He had a horrible temper! I recall an incident in Wisconsin where my family was vacationing (I was about age 7). Apparently, he started yelling at my older brother for speaking to him sarcastically. A similar event occurred some years later involving my uncle (one of my Mom's 16 siblings). He was also known to throw objects when he was upset about something and use language that would have made the characters in the movie 'Platoon' blush.

Despite his flaws, now that I am much older, I recall with fondness the many happy years I spent with Tommie O'Leary, my father. My best friend.

Tommie O'Leary passed away in 1988 from a stroke.


07 May 2009

Not Surprised!

I was not surprised to learn that two pedestrians were fatally struck by a car recently, at the intersection of W. Devon and N. Western. I AM surprised that it does not occur more frequently because of the hazardous driving demonstrated by motorists who use this intersection. Red lights are either ignored or drivers step on the accelerator before the traffic light changes. At Devon and Western, it's cross at your own risk, because drivers there don't stop and it does not matter if you have the green light. And their behavior is getting worse!

05 May 2009

Devon/Western Hit and Run

At 10:35 pm Monday, two pedestrians were fatally struck by red Honda at West Devon and North Western in the West Rogers Park neighborhood.

24 April 2009

North Ravenswood and West Thome

In West Rogers Park, on the Metra tracks above North Ravenswood and West Thome (just southeast of Misericordia), a pedestrian was fatally struck by a train at around 5:00 P.M., causing in lengthy delays for Metra passengers. When service resumed at approximately 8:15 P.M., several trains sped noisily past my neighborhood with horns blaring in intervals shorter than usual.

01 April 2009

West Ridge Dominick's Progress Report

I took a peek inside the building yesterday. The interior lights were on, but nobody was home, and there were no work trucks either. Perhaps they went out for lunch, as it was around 12:00 PM.

30 March 2009

Aldi Loved and Loathed

I have been following the controversy that has been created by Aldi's interest in opening shop at the new condo complex, The Clarovista (formerly, The Granville) and, I have to confess, just a few years ago, I might have been in the camp that's trying to keep the discount grocery chain out of Edgewater, thinking that it would only attract shoppers armed with food stamps.

I remember first setting foot in their location at N. California and W. Granville. I was very apprehensive as I saw shoppers inserting quarters into locks linking the shopping carts together and bagging their purchases, and I left with only a small quantity of items (I was basically 'kicking the tires' on my first Aldi experience).

After eating everything I had bought, I was so impressed with the quality that, I made Aldi my primary destination for groceries. I get my quarter back when I return my shopping cart and bagging my own groceries is kind of fun! Especially while observing parents enlist the help of their kids. At Aldi, bagging duties become a family project. Often, a shopper arriving at the store hands me the quarter he or she might have used to release a shopping cart. This scene is repeated quite frequently at Aldi.

And the food? Their frozen stir fry shrimp kit could rival many Chinese take-0uts! And frozen desserts (including my favourite, frozen glazed donuts I nuke in the microwave) are sinfully irresistable. On many trips, I have walked out of Aldi with four large bags of groceries...for UNDER $40! The same quantity bought at a traditional supermarket would cost over $100.

And, in this current economy, the demographics seem to have changed. In the store's parking lot I have seen clunkers sitting next to Acuras. There is also more foot traffic and the lines at the registers have gotten much longer. There used to be a sparse number of customers during the mornings and afternoons; not anymore. No matter what time of the day I shop at Aldi, the place is packed!

So, give Aldi a try. You might be pleasantly surprised, just like I was.

26 March 2009

Edgewater & Rogers Park Grocers That Are Easier on Your Budget


3201 W. DEVON AVE.


2434 W. DEVON AVE.

24 March 2009

The Resurrection of West Ridge Dominick's

For months, since learning that the Dominick's in West Ridge would re-open, my enthusiasm was tempered by skepticism. There seemed to be no work activity at the site. Eventually, I resigned myself to the fact that, perhaps, re-opening plans had fallen through.

Now, all of a sudden, I see trucks and workers on the store premises. So it looks like it wasn't just rumors or empty promises, after all! Its revival would fill the enormous void that was created when the supermarket closed. I hope that it will open sooner rather than later, because I'm getting tired of shleping to the Dominick's on Broadway and Elmdale. (It's a particular challenge in nasty weather.)

19 March 2009

Dangerous Rogers Park Intersections

Yesterday's incident involving a car hitting a school kid at Granville and Ridge (which is just a few steps from where I live), brought back flashbacks of when I was hit by a vehicle two years ago on 2 Feb., at the intersection of N. Western and W. Granville.

While crossing Western, I was hit by a car traveling East on Granville. As he made his turn South on Western, he struck me on my right knee and I went flying onto the ground. At least, the driver (possibly of Pakistani descent) stopped and helped me right myself. But he didn't utter a single word of apology. I sustained a small (but VERY PAINFUL) fracture and, for three weeks, hobbled around in deep snow. On crutches! I might as well have been climbing Mount Everest when I boarded and exited CTA buses. The pain was unbelievable!

I emailed Bernard Stone's office about my accident, and told them to consider putting a red light camera at that intersection. The response? "A camera isn't necessary." So that was the end of that conversation. I suppose that something will be done...AFTER a pedestrian is KILLED!

30 January 2009

An Afternoon Around the World

People pay big bucks for bus tours to a neighborhood like the one in my own backyard. In my spare time, I love to stroll along Devon Avenue, starting at Damen and ending at Kedzie. One minute your senses are filled with the sights and aromas of India and Pakistan; the next, you are tempted by the alluring flavours of Russia and Israel.

Since my high school years, I have shopped at 'Rosenblum's', a Jewish gift and book shop. Imagine! They stock an assortment of merchandise from Israel, music, and gift items. For grocery shopping, I stop at 'World Fruit Market' where I buy quality produce at prices lower than those at the major supermarket chains. Plus there is a wide variety of rice, Indian spices (as well as frozen entrees!), and, in the back, a halal/zabiha meat department. For my sugar fix, I like to visit 'Levinson's Bakery'.

01 January 2009

Falafil Shack Update

During a recent visit to Falafil Shack (6130 N. Ravenswood), I mentioned to the owner that he needed more customers, seeing that I was the only patron in the tiny Middle Eastern eatery. He said that it takes time to build a customer base. He also admitted that the menu prices will go up when/if a more steady stream of customers discover the delicious food his place serves. The ingredients, he conceded, are very expensive and his business won't survive if he continues to charge such cheap prices for menu items.

If, or when, the prices increase I will continue to get my falafel fix; though not as often. I can attest that their food is outstanding, though the service can be rather slow. But that's because, on the occasions I have been there, only the owner was in the kitchen cooking and taking orders from customers. He needs to enlist the help of someone to cook the food, while he takes the orders. The business still has kinks that need to be worked out. For instance, I ordered the grilled chicken legs. The owner said "No, it takes too long." If he does that too often he will lose customers. If a menu item is too time - consuming, then, he should omit it. Instead of walking out in a huff, I simply ordered a substitute: Their combo that featured two kebabs (ground lamb/beef & chicken) and rice, along with a complimentary cup of lentil soup.

I make every effort to support independent businesses located in my neighbourhood, as opposed to always spending my money at corporately - owned ones. It is a brave move to start a business with a recession in - progress. I wish Falafil Shack all the best, and hope that problems will be worked out. And I also hope that they will be able to weather the tough economy. A closed business is not just a casualty of the country's economic woes, but, for the entrepeneurs, the death of a dream.