25 September 2009

Pigeon Clean - Up

This morning, underneath the Metra tracks at Granville and Ravenswood, I noticed that the sidewalk had been powerwashed and cleared of pigeon droppings, candy wrappers and other litter. It would remain in that state if people would refrain from feeding the pesky fowls and 40th Ward Alderman, Patrick O'Connor, installed pigeon spikes like Joe Moore did in his ward, at W. Pratt, behind S & C Electric (there's narry a feather under the Metro tracks now). Moore seems to communicate more frequently with his constituents and respond to their concerns more effectively. I get more information from his office than from O'Connors', via email updates.

I guess for O'Connor, pigeon spikes is too much to ask for; we in the 40th Ward only hear from him when he's up for re-election. If only someone would oppose this useless wanker.


15 September 2009

Impressed With Edgewater Aldi

Worth the Wait
Yesterday, after several weeks of waiting for the novelty to wear off and crowds to subside, I decided to check out the new ALDI at 6221 N. Broadway, in the Edgewater neighborhood. I am impressed so far by the store's bright colours and layout. Though I have shopped at their 6220 N. California location for several years, I find it somewhat depressing and bland. Also, this new ALDI offers the use of a shopping cart without the hassle of searching for a quarter.

Aldi Virgins!
I had to chuckle as a couple in front of me in the checkout lane (who apparently,were not familiar with the store's no - frills system) argued with the cashier about why she would not bag their purchases for them and protested when they had to pay for a grocery bag (which they promptly returned to the grocery bag bin).

My Purchases
I bought olive oil, frozen fried chicken, a package of green, red and orange bell peppers, two containers of a Crystal Lite - like knock off, and two boxes of raisins, and happily walked out with a receipt that was smaller than what I would expect at a traditional supermarket, including the bigger grocery chains. The employees were courteous; even towards the confused ALDI newbies I've just described. All in all, I was happy to shop in a brand new, clean and brightly - lit ALDI. If it remains in that state, I shall be buying my groceries there on a frequent basis.