25 March 2010

Emergency in Front of Hayt Elementary

Wednesday, 24 March, 2010, at around 8:45 A.M.: I observed a CFD ambulance and police cars just outside the entrance of Hayt Elementary School. A student was hit by a car after exiting a vehicle driven by a parent or guardian. A nearby crossing guard told me that kids are supposed to be escorted from the car to the school entrance, by the person dropping them off. The victim that was hit was not accompanied while on his way into the school.


23 March 2010

Andersonville Screenz RIP

I first walked into a "Screenz" Internet cafe, back in 1994, at their Clark and Diversey location. Surfing the Net and email were alien to me. And to me, Spam was mystery meat in a can. But after a staff member sat me down in front of one of the store's 40+ computers, and instructed me on how to start an email account and access a website, I was well on my way to becoming a wiz speeding along the information super highway. Since then, I have created a website, used draw programs and begun my own blogs.

Sadly, the Screenz at Clark and Foster has closed! Though I still do not own a computer, I am able to use those at public libraries, for free. The last time I was at a Screenz, they were charging 16 cents per minute, and 39 cents for each printed document (and that's just for black and white!). I was adept enough to wean myself from Screenz, and so I found more affordable ways to get on the Internet. May Screenz in Andersonville rest in peace!


19 March 2010

Fat Cat

Another feline cutie!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from my cat!

On St. Patrick's Day, or any day your spirit needs a boost, this cat video will do the trick.

Disturbance on Granville

A large group of young black males were seen trespassing on private property in the 1800 block of West Granville, about a dozen individuals, total. They ranged in age from about 14, to 7. The youths appeared to be fighting. Police responded to the disturbance and the group left the property.


15 March 2010

Clark & Granville Hollywood Video To Close

The "Hollywood Video," at 6201 North Clark St. (@ West Granville), is closing. It is a sign of the times and yet another case of advances in technology nudging video rentals out of business. With services, such as those offered by Netflix, and movie downloads, Hollywood Video seems destined for obsolence.