09 November 2010

New Rogers Park Walgreens

This past weekend, I visited the new Walgreens, at North Western and West Granville Avenues, in Chicago's Rogers Park area. I was not impressed! I went there, specifically, for a carton of half and half; the dairy shelves were bare. In fact, there was not much of anything at that location. To me, there appeared to be fewer items; the store, scaled down. I would not consider this new store an improvement from their former location, less than half a block north.

So, it was off to Target, on Peterson, where I easily found my cream and checked out the rest of their new, expanded grocery aisles. There, bananas are priced, not per pound, but per piece. (When I shopped there on Saturday, they were $.19 each.)

Welcome additions: The new fresh meat section, bags of french bread, a slightly larger selection of Asian foods and condiments (I actually bought a bottle of Lee Keum Kee Oyster Sauce), and an open refrigerated foods section. I still would have preferred a 'Super' Target; but I guess I can settle for this minor improvement.