30 March 2011

"TODAI": Food is Safe

Yesterday, I had a phone conversation with a representative of "TODAI," (a Chicago - area, pan - Asian, buffet restaurant that is located in the Woodfield Shopping Center) regarding the safety of the food they receive from Japan, in light of the earthquake, tsunami and radiation crisis. I had contacted the restaurant by email and they responded with a phone call. Her reply, basically, was that the seafood and ingredients they receive from Japan originate from southern Japan, and that the affected areas are in the northern part of the country. She assured me that the food served at "TODAI" was, indeed, safe. There may be concerns among restaurant patrons about the food flown in from Japan and, then, delivered at the various Japanese eateries in the Chicago area. For peace of mind, I recommend calling ahead and asking the restaurant where their food comes from. Jackie

23 March 2011

Bernard Stone and Debra Silverstein on 'Chicago Tonight'

Last evening, on WTTW's 'Chicago Tonight' program, I watched the debate between the incumbent, 50th Ward Alderman, Bernard Stone, and his opponent, Debra Silverstein.

At one point during the discussion, Stone pulled out a thick, manila ,folder that he claimed contained documents proved the questionable nature of contributions Silverstein had received from various organizations and individual. Including, contributions from mayer - elect, Rahm Emanuel.

Alderman Stone spent most of his airtime patting himself on the back for never being absent at a council meeting. And when host, Phil Ponce, questioned him about accusations that he has been caught sleeping during council meetings, Stone scoffed and claimed that his eyes were closed because of the long and boring council activities. But he denied that he was asleep.

Debra Silverstein (wife of State Representative, Ira Silverstein) said that residents told her that they wanted trash picked up, the streets cleaned, street lightbulbs changed and other basic services. Silverstein also acknowledged the diverse cultures living in the 50th Ward, which I can echo with conviction! You need only to stroll along Devon Avenue, between North Damen and North Kedzie, to see the rich cultures represented inside the several ethnic restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores. It was a sad day for me when "Rosenblum's," (a Jewish gift and book shop) closed and moved to the suburbs. The parking meters threaten to unravel the delicate threads that make up this ward, and make West Rogers Park and West Ridge unique and vibrant.

At its conclusion, if I were a voter in the 50th Ward (I live in the 40th Ward of Patrick "Useless" O'Connor), I would give my support to Silverstein. It's time for a new approach and new ideas. It is time to usher in a new era in city government.


21 March 2011

Rogers Park "Late Show"

Every night, from about midnight 'til the wee hours of the morning, a group of between 4 and 5 black males have begun a playing pick up games under Emmerson Park's basketball hoops. I can put up with the basketball part, but these guys are VERY LOUD. They often communicate with each other by yelling. I have called the CPD, repeatedly, but to no avail; the very next night, these same guys are back in the park.

In the past, Emmerson has seen criminal activity and, with the weather now getting warmer, there is the increased possibility of violence. The park attracts gangbangers, and I don't want any problems.