31 December 2014

West Ridge 'Cermak' Circular Debuts


This morning, amongst the usual slew of supermarket inserts, is the debut ad for 'Cermak', at 6623 North Damen.  Broccoli and cauliflower at $.49 per lb.  isn't bad.  I just hope the store has worked out the kinks and glitches by now.  My last 2 visits were nightmares!


"Know No Limits" Closes Today


The building at 6125 North Clark Street now has a new owner.  Unable to keep its lease the fitness gym, 'Know No Limits', closes its doors for the last time today, Wednesday, 31st December, 2014.


18 December 2014

New West Ridge "CERMAK" Not Ready for Prime Time

New West Ridge "Cermak" Not Ready for Prime Time

The grand opening of the new "Cermak" supermarket, on Ridge and Pratt (formerly, Dominick's), occurred one day later than was announced.  But with any new business, crap like this happens.  When I walked into the store on Wednesday, 17th December, I was greeted by mounds of produce and aisle upon aisle of sparkling shelves, laden with food products just waiting to be purchased.  There were also opportunities to sample tempting cheeses and wine. 

Cermak staff was another matter.  I call it a work - in - progress, because there are a LOT of kinks the new store needs to work out!  In the hot foods department, workers had yet to display the prices (they were per lb., I later learned).  There were cashier errors GALORE that added to the chaos of Cermak's Rogers Park debut.  I would say, give the store two months to get its act together.  Personally speaking, I got the impression that the store managers and workers still were not ready to go "live!"  and serve their customers.  There were no sale flyers, the wheels of my cart stalled (a clunker inherited from former occupant, Dominick's?).  There was no knowledgeable personnel available to answer customers' questions. 

The layout of the store is impressive, and the grand opening was an opportune time to buy certain items at bargain prices.  I bought two whole chickens for little over $3 each.  (At Jewel, they would have been $7 each.)

Like I said, it's a work - in - progress.


11 December 2014

Cermak's To Open Next Tuesday

Tuesday, 15th December, 2014
 10:00 A.M.
The official grand opening of
@ Ridge and Pratt avenues
West Ridge's newest grocery retailer.
Their regular business hours are from 7:00 A.M. til 10:00 P.M.