21 November 2009

An Aldi Thanksgiving

There was a time when one did not admit that they shopped at Aldi, the no - frills discount grocery chain. There was a stigma attached to being an Aldi customer. Mostly, that you must be low - income and did not have the funds to shop at a pricier major chain. But during a trip there yesterday, I found myself with a lot more company than I used to, and passed by grocery carts piled with basic Thanksgiving fare: Turkeys, stuffing, pumpkin pies and cranberries. More people, it seems, are discovering that it makes economic sense to explore other avenues to putting food on the table, be it for yourself or a spouse and kids.

Occasionally, I will walk to the Dominick's in the West Ridge neighbourhood for a few specialty items. For the most part, however, I frequent Aldi for ground beef for chili or spaghetti; boxed stuffing; a bag of russet potatoes; a gallon of milk. For years, I have shopped at their Californian/Granville location and have enjoyed passing a quarter to an exiting fellow - customer returning their shopping cart. (Though quarters are not required to use carts at the Broadway/Granville store.)

The stigma of shopping at Aldi might still exist but, these days, most Aldi shoppers seem content with letting it roll off their backs. I have been doing it for years!

To my fellow - Aldi customers (current and future), Happy Aldi Thanksgiving!


14 November 2009


DO NOT SHOP AT 'LA FRESCASITA' , a produce/meat market at 7007 N. Clark St. in the Rogers Park neighborhood! The guy who rang up my purchases would only allow me to purchase 9 Bartlett pears, instead of the 10 that I needed. So, he tore open the produce bag, reached in and, with his filthy hands, removed the offending extra fruit. To say that I was grossed out would be an understatement. Yuck! If you ever pass by this store, KEEP WALKING!