24 October 2011

Howard and Western Shopping Center

I don't know how long they've been in place but, this morning, I noticed the more - prominent signs identifying the stores at the shopping center, on Howard and Western. Including my favourite chow - house: New China Buffet.


Aldermen rip mayor’s proposed library cuts - Chicago Sun-Times

Aldermen rip mayor’s proposed library cuts - Chicago Sun-Times

21 September 2011

Andersonville Walgreens Now Open!

The new Walgreens in Andersonville, at Clark and Catalpa, is now open for business!

Before this building housed Walgreens, and Thybony's, I remember when it housed an "A & P" grocery store:)


19 August 2011

Service With a Smell

A River North resident has developed a phone app called "Smelly Taxi," that provides taxi customers with an amusing way to rate their ride, based on smells, the cabbie's professionalism (or lack thereof) and cleanliness. You rate your experience on a scale from 1 to 5 (which is the worst).


16 August 2011

Dollar General 5627 N. Lincoln

My first impression, when I first walked into "Dollar General" on 5627 North Lincoln Avenue, was, "What a mess!." But, then, this isn't "Nieman Marcus" we're talking about but a dollar store.

I also have shopped at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, in various locations, and one thing that Dollar General has over these two retailers is, it offers more grocery options. Including a wider selection of chilled and frozen products, such as eggs, breakfast meats, lunchmeat, dairy and frozen foods. They also offer the usual sodas, potatoe chips and other snacks.

In addition to food, there are household cleaners, wastebaskets, some apparel, a small selection of shoes, toys, school/office supplies and health products, such as aspirin and toothpaste.

The prices are comparable to Family Dollar; of course, everything is a $1 at Dollar Tree. Dollar General may be untidy, but it's still worth a try. They have their own parking lot.


05 August 2011

WBBM Newsradio Bows on FM

For over 20 years, I have been a consistent listener of WBBM - AM, currently Chicago's only all - news radio station. They bowed on the FM dial on Monday (they also still broadcast on AM).

Though I have enjoyed listening to the station, it often has been a challenge to tune - in because of annoying static. No matter how I positioned the antenna, the signal was always disrupted by competing radio stations broadcasting on the same frequency. With its debut on the FM dial this week, WBBM is as clear as a bell! Felicia Middlebrooks (morning anchor) never sounded so crisp. Imagine listening to Bears games this coming season!

Tune in to the new WBBM - FM, at 105.9.


23 June 2011

Celebrate Clark Street Fest

Celebrate Clark Street Festival

Saturday & Sunday

July 23rd & 24th

1:00 P.M. til 11:00 P.M.


6950 - 7100 North Clark Street

Between Morse & Touhy

Every July, Rogers Park becomes an international feast for the senses, offering ethnic food and music.


21 June 2011

Walmart: Hate It and Live With It

For blighted communities, there are few options when families wish to serve their families fresh vegetables and fruits. In certain neighbourhoods, daily life consists of gangs, illegal drugs, and crime. Would Walmart provide an oasis in the middle of these, so - called 'food deserts'?

But even more well off communities should be given another option where they can pick up a bag of pet food, DVD's and a flatscreen TV to watch them on. Love it or hate it, Walmart is a presence one can not (and, probably, should not) ignore. I am within walking distance from a Target store and I think it would be a welcome addition to my shopping list, to have a Walmart nearby to shop now and then. Target, Petsmart and other retail behemoths have been allowed to set up shop within city limits. Whether you agree, or disagree, with the company's policies regarding labor, Walmart should not be singled out for exclusion.


17 June 2011

9th June 2011 CAPS Meeting - Beat 2413

Sorry this is so late, but I've been extremely busy.

Apparently, someone at the Emmerson Park fieldhouse (1820 W Granville) did not get the memo, that the day and time was changed for our CAPS meeting, from the second Tuesday of the month to the second Thursday. The time, however, remains the same: 7 pm. There was no one present to unlock the fieldhouse and admit us, so we held the meeting outside the building! Luckily, there wasn't a severe thunderstorm or an evening temperature of 86 with 110% humidity.

But it was all worth it! This ranked as the most informative CAPS meeting I had ever attended, for it was highlighted by tips on how not to become victims to burglars, from former burglars! The all - male 'panel' were in a program to help them turn their lives around and become productive members of society, rather than continuing their career as criminals. There were six men present. Supervising them, was a representative of the sheriff's office, I believe. The ex - offenders were identified by sequential numbers only, to preserve their anonymity. Their introductions were in the form of stating their offences, their prison terms and what they were doing to transform their lives. Some had jobs, some had jobs lined - up, while others were going to college.

They provided those present with helpful information and advice. For instance, did you know that it takes a burglar only 3 to 5 minutes to complete his/her crime? Also, while some of the ex - offenders stated that they had no particular preference for the type of neighbourhoods in which to commit their crimes, some of the guys specifically targeted upper - class communities.

Also, we were informed that some their favourite parts of a residence to look for valuables were master bedrooms, closets, storage rooms and, even, kids' rooms. Preferred places of entry included, unsecured back and front doors and side windows. Their means of transporting the stoling goods included, any luggage they happened to find (Pullman models were particular favorites of the panel) and other items that were available in their victims' homes.

Deterrents: Deadbolt locks, nosy neighbours and communities in which residents, frequently, congregated outside their homes (they serve as the eyes and ears of law enforcement). Fences are NOT barriers. Dogs usually discouraged the men from breaking into houses and apartment units. But not always! (One member of the panel stated, he loved dogs and would feed them!)

Questions I asked:

"Were any of you armed at the time you committed your crimes?" "No," was the unanimous reply. One of the guys told us, they were not interested in confronting or harming the homeowners; all they wanted were the homeowners' valuables. Also, they advised fleeing if a burglary is in - progress when you return home. Then, call 911.

"Does living on the upper floor of a residential building provide protection from burglaries?" Again, the answer was "No."

One of my neighbours asked "How did you get caught when you committed your last offence?" The answer? Greed! They got greedy until, one day, a neighbour spotted them removing items and called police.

The presentation also included mistakes residents frequently make, such as, displaying decorative items in windows, having insufficient lighting, and leaving doors or windows open.

All in all, it was a very fruitful hour! It gave me hope that these men are making efforts to turn their lives around.


Are People Abandoning Their Pets?

While reading the various neighbourhood blogs, for Rogers Park and Edgewater, I have noticed an increase in posts concerning residents finding pets wandering around the community. One post described a homeowner seeing a cat outside, in their window and giving the feline a can of food which it promptly wolfed down (an indication the cat had not eaten for a while). Several other posts notify readers of lost dogs being found.

Are these just coincidences of pets lost and hungry, not just for food, but for affection? Or are people releasing their animals due to the poor economy? Nothing would make me happier than to be proven wrong. And it would sadden me, greatly, if the latter scenario were the case. Any animal welcomed into a household learns to trust those who feed them and care for their overall well - being; and when I can imagine the animals' heartbreak when that trust is returned with abandonment that leaves them vulnerable to motorists, people with evil intentions and disease as a result of contact with other animals (both, domestic and wild).


09 June 2011

Edgewater Eateries/The Best and Worst

Edgewater Eateries: The Best and the Worst

The Best:

Patio Beef
6022 N. Broadway

Always consistent, always friendly. Leo and his wife serve their fare with a smile. This Greek couple always make a visit to Patio Beef a pleasant experience. A true gem in the neighbourhood! And the BEST darned burgers on the planet!

Indie Cafe
5951 N. Broadway

Beautiful presentation! The food that arrives at my table in this pan - Asian restaurant is always fresh and, aesthetically, is as pleasing to the eye as to the palette. The tempura appetizer is almost too pretty to eat, and very delicious. They also serve exceptional sashimi here.

The Worst:


6158 N. Clark St.

The service is so poor at Alexander's, that it makes McDonald's look like an exclusive, 5 - star restaurant listing in a Michelin guidebook. Definitely, stay away from this loser!

Little Corner Restaurant

5937 N. Broadway

One waitress (whose name I learned was, Mena) was dressed like a 'lady of the evening' , and another forgot that I had requested butter on my toast (it arrived without it) and then she kept forgetting to bring me a steak knife (actually, I needed a table saw to cut into the tough New York strip steak). There is nothing good I can say about the Little Corner Restaurant, except, I will NEVER eat there again.


04 June 2011


DO NOT eat a "Little Corner Restaurant" at 5937 N. Broadway! I ate there yesterday and, apparently, the entire original waitstaff either quit and were fired and, for both of the only 2 servers, it was their first day on the job.

About 30 minutes after I sat down and ordered my meal, one of the servers (named, Mena) showed up on her first day on the job dressed like a hooker. She wore a low - cut, ruffled blouse and had the right side of the blouse lowered to just an inch above her elbow, exposing her bra strap. Either the owner, and/or manager, took her to the side, and told her to pull up her blouse and come dressed more appropriately next time. What a way for one to spend their first day at work!

For stability purposes, the manager should have kept one of the departing waitresses, until the new workers had settled into their new jobs and became more familiar with the way things at the restaurant were run. It was mass chaos! I asked for butter on my toast; it arrived without it. I asked for A1 Sauce; the other (more modestly - dressed) server forgot it.

As you can tell from the tone of this posting, this was not one of my stellar dining experiences. Who knows! Maybe the 'foxy lady' waitress will learn how to dress for work at a restaurant, and not as part of a female escort service; and the other server will improve her memory skills. One can only hope that things will settle down and "The Little Corner Restaurant" will return to serving great food again.


24 May 2011

Use TIF funds to make schools better: Pawar - Chicago Sun-Times

Use TIF funds to make schools better: Pawar - Chicago Sun-Times

Interesting suggestions from Ameya Pawar, one of the freshmen members of the Chicago City Council.


20 May 2011

Edgewater Library Demoliton Date Extended

An employee at the Edgewater Public Library informed me that the official May 28th closing of the building has been extended, but a new date has yet to be announced. The worker told me that she and her co - workers were made aware of the extension, though they are frustrated that the CPL commissioner's office has told them the library would be closed some time AFTER the 28th, yet has not given them a new date. Also, this employee expressed her disappointment at the closing of the current facility.

Not long ago, the CPL shortened the hours at several of its branches and laid off workers as a cost - saving measure.


18 May 2011

Pekin House

Pekin House

Pekin House's menu includes, what has been rated, the best egg rolls in Chicago! This is, by far, my favourite place to treat myself to delicious Chinese fare. (Living nearby doesn't hurt either. This restaurant has been in the West Roger's Park area, seemingly, forever. And for good reason: The food is exceptional and, for those allergic to MSG, they will omit this ingredient upon request.

Pekin House is located at:
2311 West Devon Avenue, and their phone number is, 773.465.1630 Dine - in and takeout available. Pekin House also delivers.


03 May 2011

When Edgewater Library Closes

Yesterday, I was told by a staff member of the Edgewater Public Library that services will cease after 28 May 2011. The employees still are awaiting instructions regarding where they will be working while the new facility is under construction.


16 April 2011

Chicago News Report: 'Gays' vs. 'gang members' in Chicago’s West Rogers...

Chicago News Report: 'Gays' vs. 'gang members' in Chicago’s West Rogers...: "Police were called to a Far North Side neighborhood to break up a disturbance between a group of unlikely rivals."

13 April 2011

Changes For Beat 2413 CAPS Meetings


Effective May 2011, the CAPS meetings, for BEAT 2413, will be held

SECOND Thursday of the month.

For more information, attend the upcoming CAPS meeting


Tuesday, 19th April @ 7:00 P.M.

Emmerson Park fieldhouse @ 1820 W. Granville Ave

(located between North Ravenswood and North Wolcott)


visit the Beat 2413 CAPS website: http://www.caps24.org

You can also get further details from "CAPS 24" by phone: 773.782.6313


Beat 2413 CAPS Meeting

CAPS Meeting - Beat 2413


19th April, 2011

7:00 P.M.

@Emmerson Park - 1820 West Granville Ave.)

(located between North Ravenswood and North Wolcott)


12 April 2011

40th Ward Townhall Meeting Summary

This is a brief summary of issues that were covered last night, 11 April, at the State of the 40th Ward Townhall Meeting held at Hayt Elementary School.
Present were:

Patrick O'Connor, 40th Ward Alderman

Michael Wick, Chicago Police Commander

The Ward Superintendent

Representative of Buildings
The meeting began promptly at 7:00 P.M. with a crime report from Police Commander, Michael Wick. There has been an increase in criminal activity at the intersection of Granville and Hoyne, where juveniles have been observed congregating and committing offenses such as vandalism and theft of contents inside parked cars (i.e. GPS, stereos,etc.) Also, residents mentioned the problem of a certain motorist who has been seen stopping his car, at Granville and Ravenswood, and dumping food for pigeons roosting underneath the Metra tracks. The police have a license plate number and are continuing to identify the person, or persons, responsible for the mess. After about 15 minutes, the floor was handed over to Alderman O'Connor, who reported that city crews will soon begin the task of filling - in the numerous potholes in our ward. Also, as of April 1st, street cleaning begins. The crossing guard at the corner of Granville and Ravenswood has been removed because, according to Alderman O'Connor, the city is trying to save money and the considerable distance of the school, Hayt Elementary, makes a crossing guard unnecessary. "Everything right now is about money," O'Connor told me at the end of the townhall meeting. O'Connor also reiterated the problems created by the pigeons roosting in the Metra underpass, and those responsible for feeding them. The alderman stated that Metra plans to rebuild its network of tracks and underpasses. Another topic covered: Community gardens and, specifically, the rooftop garden and beehive at the restaurant, Uncommon Ground. Also on the agenda: Plans to convert a portion of Rosehill Cemetery into, in O'Connor's words, "A mini - Morton Arboretum." The Alderman also mentioned the new Walgreens that will be located at Clark and Catalpa, in Andersonville. As well as the lack of funds available to replace the Edgewater Hospital structure with a mixed - use builiding, that will include a park, retail space and residential units. Jackie

11 April 2011

April 11 Townhall Meeting - School Lunchroom


The State of the 40th Ward

Townhall Meeting


Monday, April 11, 7:00 P.M.


Hayt Elementary School @ 1500 W. Granville Ave.


Scheduled to Be Present:

40th Ward Alderman, Patrick O'Connor

Ward Supervisor

Police Commander

Plus, others.


30 March 2011

"TODAI": Food is Safe

Yesterday, I had a phone conversation with a representative of "TODAI," (a Chicago - area, pan - Asian, buffet restaurant that is located in the Woodfield Shopping Center) regarding the safety of the food they receive from Japan, in light of the earthquake, tsunami and radiation crisis. I had contacted the restaurant by email and they responded with a phone call. Her reply, basically, was that the seafood and ingredients they receive from Japan originate from southern Japan, and that the affected areas are in the northern part of the country. She assured me that the food served at "TODAI" was, indeed, safe. There may be concerns among restaurant patrons about the food flown in from Japan and, then, delivered at the various Japanese eateries in the Chicago area. For peace of mind, I recommend calling ahead and asking the restaurant where their food comes from. Jackie

23 March 2011

Bernard Stone and Debra Silverstein on 'Chicago Tonight'

Last evening, on WTTW's 'Chicago Tonight' program, I watched the debate between the incumbent, 50th Ward Alderman, Bernard Stone, and his opponent, Debra Silverstein.

At one point during the discussion, Stone pulled out a thick, manila ,folder that he claimed contained documents proved the questionable nature of contributions Silverstein had received from various organizations and individual. Including, contributions from mayer - elect, Rahm Emanuel.

Alderman Stone spent most of his airtime patting himself on the back for never being absent at a council meeting. And when host, Phil Ponce, questioned him about accusations that he has been caught sleeping during council meetings, Stone scoffed and claimed that his eyes were closed because of the long and boring council activities. But he denied that he was asleep.

Debra Silverstein (wife of State Representative, Ira Silverstein) said that residents told her that they wanted trash picked up, the streets cleaned, street lightbulbs changed and other basic services. Silverstein also acknowledged the diverse cultures living in the 50th Ward, which I can echo with conviction! You need only to stroll along Devon Avenue, between North Damen and North Kedzie, to see the rich cultures represented inside the several ethnic restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores. It was a sad day for me when "Rosenblum's," (a Jewish gift and book shop) closed and moved to the suburbs. The parking meters threaten to unravel the delicate threads that make up this ward, and make West Rogers Park and West Ridge unique and vibrant.

At its conclusion, if I were a voter in the 50th Ward (I live in the 40th Ward of Patrick "Useless" O'Connor), I would give my support to Silverstein. It's time for a new approach and new ideas. It is time to usher in a new era in city government.


21 March 2011

Rogers Park "Late Show"

Every night, from about midnight 'til the wee hours of the morning, a group of between 4 and 5 black males have begun a playing pick up games under Emmerson Park's basketball hoops. I can put up with the basketball part, but these guys are VERY LOUD. They often communicate with each other by yelling. I have called the CPD, repeatedly, but to no avail; the very next night, these same guys are back in the park.

In the past, Emmerson has seen criminal activity and, with the weather now getting warmer, there is the increased possibility of violence. The park attracts gangbangers, and I don't want any problems.


23 February 2011

Mazel Tov, Rahm Emanuel!

I don't know whether to congratulate Rahm Emanuel for winning Chicago's mayoral race, or send him a sympathy card. Because, he has a difficult road ahead of him; one that makes me glad I'm not in his shoes.

Emanuel will inherit an unresolved squabble between his soon - to - be predecessor and United and American Airlines; a parking meter disaster; a budget that's still in the toilet; a local economy still stinging from a nationwide recession. And the list goes on and on! A job like that would give me bleeding ulcers, for sure.

My hats off to Rahm for wanting so desperately to be mayor of Chicago, that he left his post as
President Obama's Chief - of - Staff. Mazel tov, Rahm! Which, in Hebrew, means both 'congratulations' and 'good luck'. (He'll need a lifetime supply of the latter.)


40% Voter Turnout

Now that Chicago has elected Rahm Emanuel its new mayor, I need to address yesterday's 40% voter turnout.

Right at this very moment, people in the Middle East are fighting and dying for the right to vote; a right we Americans, too often, take for granted. We cite the weather, the current state of politics and a poor selection of candidates as reasons not to show up at our polling places, whilst citizens in other parts of the globe risk their lives for the right to cast ballots in a free election.


22 February 2011

ABC 7's Tracy Butler Visits Andersonville

Recently, ABC 7's meterologist, Tracy Butler, introduced the show's viewers to my old neighbourhood: Andersonville. Here, she visits Swedish Bakery, Middle Eastern Bakery and other interesting places in the area.



16 February 2011

A Boxing Ring in Edgewater

Inside the former piano store on North Clark Street and West Thorndale (near Senn High School), I saw a huge boxing ring , accompanied by 5 - 6 exercise machines. Interesting.


Area Borders Books to Close

The Uptown Borders, as well as the store at 1700 Maple in Evanston, are among 16 area locations slated for closing.


Beat 2413 CAPS Meeting

This is a brief summary of the CAPS meeting that took place, on Tuesday, 15 February 2011, at 7:00 P.M.

Apparently an attendant, who is usually available to open the door to the Emmerson Park fieldhouse, never showed up, so, we had to hold a slightly - abbreviated CAPS meeting OUTSIDE under the park lights. Luckily, the weather was mild and not intolerably cold.

This meeting focuses on criminal activity and arrests in Beat 2413- bound by West Devon & Peterson Avenues; and North Kedzie & North Ridge.

Overall, there was a reduction in crime, in this area. At our last meeting, in January 2011, there were a total of 145 crimes committed; as of 15 February, 2011, it has dropped to 108. The greatest increase has involved auto break - ins (the police officers present at the meeting remind members of the community to avoid leaving valuables IN THEIR CARS). During the month of January, there were 7 armed robberies and 2 sexual assaults. Again, a decrease in these incidents.

The Chicago Police have made several arrests involving narcotics, and one known gang member was arrested, charged with murder and is now awaiting trial.
Included on the CAPS meeting agenda was the statement: "Forget the rumors; crime is down in the beat, district and citywide."

The next CAPS meeting for Beat 2413 is scheduled for Tuesday, 15 March 2011; 7:00 P.M. @ Green Briar Park @ 2650 West Peterson.

The next CAPS meeting to be held at Emmerson Park @ 1820 West Granville, is scheduled for Tuesday, 19th April 2011, at 7:00 P.M. (Hopefully, there will be someone to let us into the fieldhouse this time.)

Statistics are gathered from 4 police district stations: 19th, 20th, 23rd and 24th.

For additional information about the CAPS meetings, call the Beat 2413 Hotline @ 773.782.6313 or visit them on the Web http://caps24.org


14 February 2011

Less Than Enthused, But Grateful

I should feel enthusiastic about voting in this country. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the freedom I have to cast a ballot without fear of gunfire or harassment, as they do in other countries of the world. Even in Chicago, where vote fraud has become legendary, I am able to walk into my polling place and, peacefully, make my choices.

Having mentioned some of the benefits of voting in a free country, I am less than enthusiastic about the choices printed on the ballot. Sometimes I wish the ballot offered 'None of the above' as one of the options. Seems like, no matter whom I select, they'll be sworn into office while carrying more baggage than could fit in a 747. From my perspective, I'm voting for candidates most likely to be indicted! And once in office they NEVER keep their campaign promises. I would do no worse if I voted for Osama bin Laden as Chicago's next mayor.

Despite my complaints, I am grateful that my country allows me the freedom to voice my choice inside a public library, a church, or any facility that serves as a polling place. Campaign workers and newspapers recommend candidates they feel are best qualified for the job, but there is no one standing over my shoulder demanding that I vote for so - and - so, or else. That is something we ALL should be grateful for.


12 February 2011

Armed Robbery at Howard St. Dominick's

12 February, 2011

At approximately 12:30 Saturday morning, three black males held up the Dominick's at 1763 West Howard Street, next to the Howard Red Line.


09 February 2011

My Alderman Wants Condos

The residents of Edgewater's Andersonville area want a park that will provide badly - needed open space and a place where their kids can play. Right now, their only option is a microscopic playlot behind a Jewel - Osco. In a counterstrike, 40th Ward Alderman, Patrick O'Connor, is pushing for a complex that includes retail and condos. My fear is that, if he gets his wish, his wife, Barbara (who is in the real estate business), would reap the benefits.

But what about the needs of Andersonville's residents? It is with sadness that I watch yet another local election get underway, while Alderman O'Connor is unopposed in his bid for an umpteenth term. Political road blocks are erected so that no one else has a shot at occupying the 40th Ward office. Just another one of the dirty tricks played in Chicago politics. Obstacles are placed before potential opponents, while power gluttons hold on to their seats in the City Council.

Meanwhile, the neighbours in Andersonville dream of a park that would enhance their lives in the community that they call home. Where, they crash on sofas after a hard day's work and sit down for dinner with their families.


08 February 2011

Snow an Obstacle Under Metra Tracks

In the 1800 block of West Granville Ave (@ North Ravenswood), underneath the Metra tracks, there are piles of snow that need to be removed because, for children on their way to school, senior citizens and, even, able - bodied pedestrians for that matter, the sidewalks in this area are impassable. The only option is to walk in the street, which is a VERY DANGEROUS option.

I have contacted Alderman Patrick O'Connor's 40th Ward office. Unfortunately for us, O'Connor is running unopposed for re - election and, therefore, feels no urgency to tend to a problem, such as this. So, the only thing we can do is be a nuisance and keep calling his office until something is done about this.


04 February 2011

Several Emergency Vehicles in Edgewater

This morning, as I was crossing the street at North Clark Street and West Granville Avenue (6200 N.), I observed a dozen, or more, police cars, fire engines and ambulances. I had never seen anything like it. Whatever was happening, it couldn't be anything good.


03 February 2011

Chicago Blizzard of 2011: The Aftermath

Now that Chicago has begun the process of digging itself out of 20 + inches of snow, I would like to describe something interesting I saw yesterday in those dangerous weather conditions: Two crossing guards, at two different intersections. One was at North Clark Street and West Granville (6200 North); the other, at North Ravenswood and West Granville (1800 West), despite the fact that it was a snow day for the kids. I was very concerned about the safety of these two brave souls who seemed to be having a difficult time battling the elements. Not to mention the stinging mix of snow and, what to me felt like, sleet.



The custodian at the Rogers Park Public Library informed me that the facility remains closed as of today, Thursday, 3rd February and will re - open tomorrow, Friday, 4th February.


08 January 2011

A Guide to Devon Avenue - Chicago magazine - January 2011 - Chicago

A Guide to Devon Avenue - Chicago magazine - January 2011 - Chicago

I never grow tired of my walks along Devon Avenue, between Damen and Kedzie. Cultures ranging from IndoPak to Jewish; Muslim to Hindu; Pakistani barbecue to kosher pizza.


Couple Chased on Berwyn

At approximately 6:58 P.M., on Wednesday 5 January 2011, a group of Hispanic men and one Ethiopian man chased a couple into a store, called "Fortuna Shoes" which is located at 1111 W. Berwyn. Prior to the chase, the men yelled gang slogans.