22 February 2010

Andersonville of Yesterday

George's Ice Cream Shop
A & P,
Nelson's Bakery,
Mom's Bakery,
Villa Sweden,
and Neisner's.

If these names ring a bell and mean anything to you, then, you are (or were) a longtime resident of Andersonville, the Edgewater neighborhood on Chicago's North Side.

The above long gone businesses began to pop up in my mind's memory bank, as I read an article in the neighborhood newspaper, NewStar, that Thybony at Clark and Catalpa will be replaced by a new Walgreens. The article stated that inquiries regarding the status of Thybony - whether it will re - locate or go out of business - have yet to be answered.

Now, a few names from my memory file: Friday nights, for me, meant that my family would be enjoying dinner at Augie's, (Clark & Balmoral) a longtime eatery in the neighborhood. There, they knew me by name and knew exactly what I wanted: Twin cheeseburger and fries, and a vanilla milkshake!

The smell of pizza would waft from Neisner's, (Clark & Berwyn) a well - loved dime store, that was the first employer for many of the neighborhood's teenagers.

At Toguri (Clark & Balmoral), Mom would pick up fresh tuna, sembei (Japanese snacks), shoyu (soy sauce), and rice in huge cloth bags.

And I expanded my waistline, thanks to George's Ice Cream Shop, (Clark & Balmoral) and their belt - busting banana split!

Andersonville's younger residents would not recall that there was a time when Jewel - Osco had a rival grocery store:

A & P! (Clark & Catalpa) There, at checkout, transactions ended with the issuance of Plaid Stamps, which customers would collect and use to purchase various types of merchandise. (A & P was housed inside the very building Thybony will vacate.)

I guess change is good for a neighborhood. Nevertheless, it is nice to visit the scrapbook of my mind and recall childhood events and smiles the above businesses generated.


20 February 2010

Future Walgreens in Andersonville

By the fall of 2010, Thybony, at North Clark St. and West Catalpa in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood, will be supplanted by a new Walgreens.


14 February 2010

Bus Changes, A Week Later

Well, it has been a week since the draconian CTA bus and rail service cuts went into effect, and I can't say that I have noticed the difference. It is the same old crappy service as always ):-(


06 February 2010

'Doomsday' Arrives on February 7th


Adjust your schedule in preparation for the 'doomsday' changes in CTA bus and rail service that go into effect SUNDAY, 7 FEBRUARY, 2010. Starting tomorrow, crowded buses and trains, and longer wait times will become the new norm. Gone, are the days of buses arriving every 10 minutes and passengers placing their belongings on the seat next to them. For those who do not drive these service cuts will adversely affect their commute to work, school and doctor appointments. For some, it may mean paying insanely - expensive cab fares because service on their bus routes will end earlier than it does currently.

The city was able to secure funds for the 2016 Olympics; yet no one seems able, or willing, to fund public transportation to take taxpayers to their jobs or the supermarket. For residents in 'food deserts' (communities that lack a full - service grocery store), it may mean eating more fast food which are plentiful in these 'food deserts'.