19 August 2011

Service With a Smell

A River North resident has developed a phone app called "Smelly Taxi," that provides taxi customers with an amusing way to rate their ride, based on smells, the cabbie's professionalism (or lack thereof) and cleanliness. You rate your experience on a scale from 1 to 5 (which is the worst).


16 August 2011

Dollar General 5627 N. Lincoln

My first impression, when I first walked into "Dollar General" on 5627 North Lincoln Avenue, was, "What a mess!." But, then, this isn't "Nieman Marcus" we're talking about but a dollar store.

I also have shopped at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, in various locations, and one thing that Dollar General has over these two retailers is, it offers more grocery options. Including a wider selection of chilled and frozen products, such as eggs, breakfast meats, lunchmeat, dairy and frozen foods. They also offer the usual sodas, potatoe chips and other snacks.

In addition to food, there are household cleaners, wastebaskets, some apparel, a small selection of shoes, toys, school/office supplies and health products, such as aspirin and toothpaste.

The prices are comparable to Family Dollar; of course, everything is a $1 at Dollar Tree. Dollar General may be untidy, but it's still worth a try. They have their own parking lot.


05 August 2011

WBBM Newsradio Bows on FM

For over 20 years, I have been a consistent listener of WBBM - AM, currently Chicago's only all - news radio station. They bowed on the FM dial on Monday (they also still broadcast on AM).

Though I have enjoyed listening to the station, it often has been a challenge to tune - in because of annoying static. No matter how I positioned the antenna, the signal was always disrupted by competing radio stations broadcasting on the same frequency. With its debut on the FM dial this week, WBBM is as clear as a bell! Felicia Middlebrooks (morning anchor) never sounded so crisp. Imagine listening to Bears games this coming season!

Tune in to the new WBBM - FM, at 105.9.