19 March 2009

Dangerous Rogers Park Intersections

Yesterday's incident involving a car hitting a school kid at Granville and Ridge (which is just a few steps from where I live), brought back flashbacks of when I was hit by a vehicle two years ago on 2 Feb., at the intersection of N. Western and W. Granville.

While crossing Western, I was hit by a car traveling East on Granville. As he made his turn South on Western, he struck me on my right knee and I went flying onto the ground. At least, the driver (possibly of Pakistani descent) stopped and helped me right myself. But he didn't utter a single word of apology. I sustained a small (but VERY PAINFUL) fracture and, for three weeks, hobbled around in deep snow. On crutches! I might as well have been climbing Mount Everest when I boarded and exited CTA buses. The pain was unbelievable!

I emailed Bernard Stone's office about my accident, and told them to consider putting a red light camera at that intersection. The response? "A camera isn't necessary." So that was the end of that conversation. I suppose that something will be done...AFTER a pedestrian is KILLED!

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T Mannis said...

Nice blog, good post. Alderman Moore just doesn't care. I've had a video on my blog for over two years about Pratt and Greenview.

Keep up the great work.